Professor P plays arrangements by Paul De Bra, vol. 2

Professor P has completed his second CD with arrangements by Paul De Bra. 14 composers contributed to the 15 tracks on the CD so it is again a varied collection of different styles, to illustrate the many possibilities an accordion ensemble offers. Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 are of compositions that are in the public domain (in most of the world) and are available under the Creative Commons Attributions license. So they can be freely downloaded, played and redistributed (provided credit is given where due). The others are under copyright and cause the CD as a whole to require a license by Stemra (which it has).

The instrumentation of Professor P, as used on this CD consists of: 1) Bayan AKKO Super Deluxe, 2) Bugari 508/ARS/C, 3) Bugari 540/ARS/C, 4) Hohner Morino Artiste XS, 5) Pigini C39 Basson. While most arrangements use 5 voices, different instruments have been used for the voices in different tracks, depending on what sounded better.

The CD contains the tracks listed below. The links here are to mp3 files or to YouTube movies (for music that is still under copyright) and although made at high quality they are not exactly lossless compared to the real CD tracks)

nr Title Composer Ensemble
1 Ecce Homo Qui est Faba Howard Goodall 2 acc
2 Suite de Pulcinella, Sinfonia (Ouverture) Igor Stravinsky 4 acc + bass
3 Concerto pour une voix Saint-Preux 4 acc + bass
4 Hirtengesang (Symphony nr. 6, move. 5 Ludwig van Beethoven 4 acc + bass
5 Concerto for oboe d'amore (mov. 1) Johann Sebastian Bach 4 acc + bass
6 Pavane our Une Infante Défunte Maurice Ravel 4 acc + bass
7 Partita 2 (Sinfonia), BWV 826 Johann Sebastian Bach 4 acc + bass
8 Adagio for Strings and Organ in G minor Remo Giazotto (inspired by Tomaso Albinoni) 4 acc + bass
9 The Water Music (selection) George Friedrich Handel 4 acc + bass
10 Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme Philipp Nicolai and Johann Sebastian Bach 4 acc + bass
11 Trumpet Concerto in Es, mov. 2: Andante Joseph Haydn 4 acc + bass
12 Cent Mille Chansons Eddy Marnay and Michel Magne (orchestral version arr. Rogier van Otterloo) 4 acc + bass
13 Introspection II Rogier van Otterloo 4 acc + bass
14 Rondo Rogier van Otterloo 4 acc + bass
15 Tango pour Claude Richard Galliano 5 acc + bass

To facilitate the creation of a physical CD I have copied the CD onto this image file.
Note that this CD contains some copyrighted compositions. If you decide to download and play this CD (as a physical medium) you should send me an email so that I can keep count of how many CDs exist, and apply for additional licenses when needed. This CD is licensed with Stemra under number 10626509. (I could mail you a physical CD but the cost of mailing a package is much higher than of just burning your own copy.)
The CD is intended to illustrate what the arrangements sound like, for when you want to learn to play them. If you just want to study one (or more) of the arrangements and not use the CD as a whole I do not count this and it may be considered fair educational use.
Additional material for burning your CD is:
label for the CD (for HERMA round 116 labels) (2 copies)
front for jewel case (can be printed double-sided to get 2 copies)
back for jewelcase, with table of contents (2 copies)