Concert 2006

On December 2, 2006 Avanti celebrated its 41st anniversary with a concert. We have photos and recordings from this concert.


(Click on the titles to get the recording. These are live recordings by amateurs, in a concert hall, not studio recordings by professionals.)
Please note that the recordings themselves are password protected.
Avanti P. De Bra
Badinerie J.S. Bach
Het Gebed (Gotische Suite) L. Boëllman
Vioolconcerto (BWV 1042) J.S. Bach
Bagatelle J. Rixner
Leichte Kavallerie F. von Suppé
Perpetuum Mobile J. Strauss
Rock Around the Clock M. Freedman, J. De Knight
Meet the Flintstones W. Hanna, J. Barbera, H. Curtin
Song of Joy L. v. Beethoven
The Typewriter L. Anderson
Adiós Nonino A. Piazzolla
Old Friend J. Thielemans
Variazioni in Blue J. de Haan
Bohemian Rhapsody F. Mercury
Star Wars J. Williams
We are the Champions F. Mercury