Concert 1998

On October 24, 1998 Avanti celebrated its 33-th anniversary with a concert. We have recordings from this concert.


(Click on the titles to get the recording. These are live recordings by amateurs, not studio recordings by professionals. In order to achieve at least a "reasonable" sound quality the recent sound files have been encoded in 256kbps mp3 format. We apologize for the large files, but at lower bitrates the sound quality was not very good.)
Please note that the recordings themselves are password protected.
Avanti Mars J. Boeckx
Dances with Wolves J. Barry
Prelude and Fugue in C J.S. Bach
Kanon J. Pachelbel
Symphonie nr. 7 L. van Beethoven
Focus T. van Leer
Happy Birthday Variationen P. Heidrich
Star Trek R. Jones
Concerto Romantique W. Dorsel
Folk Medley arr. P. De Bra
Rondo R. Van Otterloo
Don Fernandez H. Hauswirth
The Beatles Medley arr. P. De Bra
Wien G. Lyons
Radetzky Mars J. Strauss