Paul De Bra's Public Photos

Note: This page contains links to (sets of) photos taken at events such as conferences and research group or faculty outings. Some events have been combined with a bit of vacation so some photos are more of a private nature. The photo sets are ordered from newest to oldest. A bit of camera and lens info is also provided.

Note: if you find a picture of yourself that you would like removed, just send me an email (at and I will take care of it.

Note: if you want to use any of these pictures in any way, please read the notice at the bottom of this page. Don't say you didn't know when you receive a huge bill from me!.

Most pictures up to April 2012 are taken with the Canon 450D, after that with the Olympus E-M5. Some pictures are taken with a Fuji, F11, E900, F200exr. You might sometimes be able to tell which is which.

The following pictures are taken with the Canon Digital Rebel. The following pictures are taken with the Nikon Coolpix 950. The following pictures are taken with the AGFA Ephoto 1680. (Sorry, older photos are not available as I only got my first digital camera in October 1999.)

Copyright and redistribution note:
You can freely link to images from this site on temporary pages such as notes on bulletin or message boards and discussion forums, and you are allowed to use the images in a search engine's database. Organizers of events may post (links to or copies of) photos that I have taken at these events. Any other use of any photo, either through linking or copying, electronically or in any form of print is permitted provided you pay a fee of $1.000 per photo before using the photo. Please contact me by email ( to arrange payment. Failure to pay this fee means that you automatically agree to pay $100.000 per photo afterwards. (This fee is so high because I may have high legal fees to come after you.) The fees are also applicable if you obtain the photos indirectly through other websites or sources.
Note that in most cases a friendly email exchange we me will be sufficient to obtain permission to use photos free of charge.